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Lewis County Agricultural Districts

Lewis County Agricultural Districts




Article 25AA - Agricultural Districts - including §301-7 definition of "Viable Agricultural Land"


 Lewis County Agricultural District Map


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Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law authorizes the creation of local agricultural districts pursuant to landowner initiative, preliminary county review, state certification, and county adoption. As of April 2002, 341 agricultural districts existed statewide, containing approximately 21,500 farms and 8.6 million acres (about 30 percent of the State's total land area).The purpose of agricultural districting is to encourage the continued use of farmland for agricultural production.



Lewis County Agricultural Districts   

Agricultural District #1 was created in Lewis County in 1975; it encompassed 20,304 acres of land and was located within the towns of Lewis, West Turin, Leyden, and Lyonsdale.  Agricultural District's #2, 3, 4 and 5 were designated over the next three years and encompassed almost, if not all of the active agricultural land within the county.  By law, each of the five districts in Lewis County must undergo a recertification process every eight years.  This recertification process verifies that the majority of the land within the district is active agricultural land.   



In 2008, a county request was approved by NYS Ag and Markets to complete a review of all five Agricultural Districts and consolidation into one new district.  Currently, there is one active agricultural district in Lewis County, Agricultural District #6.  Agricultural District #6 contains 246,141.57 acres, and the anniversary date for recertification of this district is February 15, 2016.   


Annual Inclusion Period

Property can only be removed from the Agricultural District during the eight year recertification process.  However, active agricultural land that is not already in the Agricultural District can be added to the district during the annual inclusion period. This period has been designated in Lewis County to occur every year from November 15 to December 15.


For more information about Agricultural Districts in New York State, go to



Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board

 Michele Ledoux, Chair

 Fred Munk  Ashley Marolf
 Gregory Kulzer  Michael Kraeger
 Haskell Yancey, Jr.  Arleigh Rice
 Robert Domagala  Dr. Peter Ostrum
 Kent Widrick

 Jennifer Karelus

 Mellissa Spence   Linda Hoskins
 Frank Pace  
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