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Foster Parent

Foster Parent


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Lewis County Department of Social Services



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Lewis County DSS


Foster  / Adoptive 








Considering becoming a Foster





Children come into foster care either by an order of the court (involuntary) or because their parents are willing to have them cared for temporarily outside the home (voluntary).



Foster Parents play a special role; they are responsible for the temporary care of the children on a daily basis. Your role involves working with many parties. You will be expected to work with a case worker and the child’s family. You will become a valued member of our “TEAM”, working together to return a child home safely. The TEAM may consist of many members, which generally include Foster Parents, Case Worker, Birth Parents, Child, Attorneys, and other involved service providers. Other service providers could include Mental Health Professionals, Drug and Alcohol treatment providers, and School personnel. The service providers roles are to be a source of support for the Children, Birth Parent and the Foster Parents




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