Lewis County

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Recreation Forestry and Parks

Jackie Mahoney

Lewis County Court House
7660 N State St.
Lowville, NY 13367

Lewis County Response to High Market Wheelers Letter

ATV Stats 2015

Tug Hill Snowkite Rally Receives 2015 Best of Copenhagen Award!


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Lewis County Recreation Apps



County Trail Maps



Committee Meeting Minutes

Lewis County 2016 Official ATV Map

Note: Due to the large size of this file you may experience problems viewing the map. Right click on the link, choose save link as and download it to your computer first.




Otter Creek Horse Trails 2016 - Map and Brochure


Otter Creek Horse Trails 2016 - Large Map


Town Of Pinckney Cronk Road Trails


Town of Montague Forks-Factory Road Trails


Town Of Greig Middle Road Trails


"The Commons" Abbey Road & North South Road


Town of Lyonsdale North South & Wildcat Road Trails

Great Lot Sportsman Club Trails

Lewis County Bike Routes 2014



Lewis County Trail Permit System
Lewis County ATV FAQs
Mobile Snowmobile and ATV Trail Apps
Lewis County Response to High Market Wheelers Letter (PDF - 236.8 KB)
ATV Stats 2015 (PDF - 7.3 KB)
Otter Creek Horse Trails (PDF - 2.1 MB)
Otter Creek Horse Trails - Large Map (PDF - 10.2 MB)
Lewis County Trail Feedback Form
We welcome comments from the public regarding the proposed trail plan.  A return name, address and email address is required.  Comments, "anonymous, etc." will not be received.
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