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Lewis County, New York

About Lewis County

Lewis County came into existence on 1805 March 28th when the government carved it out from Oneida County. It was initially part of a larger one called Albany which was later cut into three other counties, one of them being Montgomery.

The government split Montgomery County into three, giving birth to Herkimer, where Oneida formed. It sits on 3300km2 of land and 40km2 of water.

It got its name from Morgan Lewis, who wore several hats in his lifetime. He was a military commander, governor, and lawyer. Morgan served in the army between 1773-1776 and 1813-1815.

Lewis was New York’s governor from 1804 to 1807, serving only one term when he lost to Daniel Tompkins when seeking re-election. Lewis county was born during his time in office. He was also the president of the Historical Society of New York and general to the president of the Society of Cincinnati.

The county seat is a town near the center of it called Lowville. It got its name from Nicholas Low, a property developer and trader.


The county is one of the least populated in New York, with 26,582 residents as of the 2020 census. Lewis County makes a great place to live because health care, education, and basic amenities are available. The crime rate is also low, and the economy is growing.

The Economy

Lewis County’s economy is thriving in several industries, including; education, health care, mining, construction, oil and gas, quarry, and administration. It, therefore, has a lot of well-paying jobs for people seeking employment.

The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce was established in 1945 to encourage growth in business and the county’s economy. The chamber assists struggling businesses with funds or incentive programs to survive and thrive.

The county has a lot of potential for economic growth. The leaders are determined to tap into every opportunity to make sure Lewis County flourishes.

Things to Do

Are you a resident or visiting Lewis County? You might be wondering what recreational activities are available in the area.

Lewis County has the following several parks that you can visit such as:

Whetstone Gulf State Park

For picnics, hiking, swimming, cross country skiing, and camping, Whetstone Gulf State Park is the place for you. You can also relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the gorge that cuts into the eastern edge of the Tug Hill Plateau.

The park also has a reservoir where you can canoe and fish.

Forest Park Pavilion

If you enjoy ice skating, this park is for you.

Whitaker Park

Visit Whitaker Park to get the best views of the Adirondack Mountains and the Black River Valley. It makes a great place to take photos. There are also picnic areas, fields where you can play ball, camping sites, and pavilions.

Here are some other destinations:

Tug Hill Estate

Tug Hill Estate offers a wine and spirit tasting experience. They also pride themselves in educating anyone interested in knowing all about the products.

Every Sunday, they have a brunch buffet to have a nice meal by yourself, a date, friend, or family. Besides the delicious food made from fresh produce, you get to enjoy the beautiful view of the Black River Valley.

What’s more, the estate has grounds and facilities for private functions such as weddings, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, and corporate functions.

Snow Ridge

Skiing is a fun sport that you can enjoy during winter, especially in a group. At Snow Ridge, they provide that opportunity for beginners and pros. They have two parks for each group.

You can also enjoy snow tubing on Thursdays, Fridays, weekends, and during holidays.

They also offer training on how to ski or snowboard, or those that want to improve their skills. It is available for both adults and kids.

County Offices

County Court

Judge Daniel R. King heads the office. You can reach them by calling at (315) 376-5380 or faxing at (315) 376-1656.

County Attorney

Joan E. McNichol is the county attorney of Lewis County. If you would like to visit the office, the address is; 7660 N. State Street, Lowville. You can also call at (315) 376-5282, Fax (315) 376-3857, or send an email to [email protected]

County Clerk

Lewis County Clerk is called Jake Moser, and you can personally reach him by sending an email to [email protected]

The office contacts are phone number (315) 376-5333, Fax (315) 376-3768, and email [email protected]

County Treasurer

Eric Virkler is the treasurer of Lewis County. You can reach his office at; Phone number (315) 376-5325, Fax (315) 376-8552, or email [email protected]

County Manager

Ryan Piche is the manager of Lewis County. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations. To reach the office, here are the contacts; phone number (315) 376-5354. Fax (315) 376-5445 and email: [email protected]

County Sheriff

The Sheriff of Lewis County is called Michael Carpinelli. He has civil and criminal jurisdiction, which gives him the power to enforce the law.

All the sheriffs in New York are under the NY Sheriff’s Association. The agency helps them run the office by providing training, public safety programs, legislative defense, and certification.

The sheriff’s office responsibilities include:

  • Criminal investigation
  • Carrying court orders
  • Emergency response and rescue
  • Disaster response and management
  • Traffic safety
  • Courtroom security
  • Running jails
  • Criminal law enforcement

The association has designed programs where the sheriffs and under sheriffs can improve their skills. They also learn new strategies that they can apply while doing their jobs. It, in turn, helps them provide better service to the residents of Lewis County.

The programs include:

  • Yellow Dot

Yellow Dot is a program designed to help first responders in saving lives.

  • Rapid Responder

It is a system that helps manage hazards that could occur on campuses.

  • Safe Child Card

The department stores information to help if a child went missing in a Safe Child Card. The photographs, fingerprints, and other details that the officers take will help spread the news faster and help find them.

  • C-PASS

The program focuses on student safety.


It is an online platform that provides accident reports that have occured in the county.

  • Project Lifesaver

The association has partnered with Project Lifesaver International, which provides technology that helps find a missing person. The company attaches a chip to gadgets that users can wear on their wrist or ankle. Through the signals, they send the location of a person.

People with a health condition and are likely to wander off are the primary users.

Lewis County Jail

Lewis County Jail is a medium-level security correctional facility located in Lowville, Kentucky. It holds convicts awaiting trial and those who the court has already gotten their sentence.

Visiting an Inmate

Inmates in Lewis County Jail are allowed visits twice a week. The sessions take one hour each. Prisoners on parole or probation can only have visits when their supervisors give them a go.

Walk-in visitors are allowed but only if there is available space. Therefore it is advisable to book a slot in advance to avoid not seeing your loved one. The jail has set three sessions on each of the two days; however, you can only reserve one sitting a day.

There are rules that both parties need to observe during this time. Failure to do so, the administration has the right to take away visitation rights. Here are the regulations:

  1. Visitors must arrive fifteen minutes before the session.
  2. Appropriate dressing such as revealing clothing and jewelry, except for a wedding band, is not allowed.
  3. An inmate is only allowed a maximum of two visitors a day; however, the facility does not count infants. The parents or guardians must watch older children because running, noise, or any disturbance is not allowed.

A guardian must accompany a minor during visits.

  1. You are allowed short embraces. Physical contact, such as holding hands, is not permitted once seated.
  2. When the session is over, visitors leave the room first.

Visitors found to have sneaked contrabands into the facility or to an inmate will be arrested. The inmate will also face the charges.

Sending mail

Another way to keep in touch with an inmate in Lewis County Jail is by sending them mail. Make sure to write the address at the front of the envelope.

A guard will open and read all mail sent to the facility in the recipient’s presence. It is essential for security purposes. The officer will deposit any money found in the prisoner’s commissary account envelope.

Sending Money

You can send a money order or cash to an inmate in the facility, which will go into their account. You can also order and pay for an item in the commissary through For any assistance, you call 1-800-546-6283.

Inmate Search

Criminal records are part of public records. If you are looking for an inmate, sex offender, or doing a background check on someone, the information is available.

Once at the station, after an officer makes an arrest, mugshots, fingerprints, charges, name, ethnicity, and age are recorded and published.

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