Lewis County

March 15, 2007: County Planning Board Meeting




March 15, 2007



1.         Call to Order: Vice Chairman Sweet called the monthly meeting of the Lewis County Planning Board to order at 6:15 PM in the third floor conference room, Lewis County Court House, Lowville, NY.


2.         Roll Call: Board members present:  Tom Sweet, Pat Wallace, Mike Kaido and Michael Green, Rick Lucas.  Staff present: Renee Beyer, Planner. Others: Mr. Arnold Swiernick  


3.         Reading and Approval of Minutes:  Inadvertently, the minutes from the February meeting were not read or approved.


4.         Correspondence and CommunicationNone


5.         Report From Officers:  None


6.         Report of Special Committees:


239-M Review Committee

            Mrs. Beyer reviewed the following projects. 




Request for review of proposed text amendments to the Town of Denmark Zoning Law- The Town of Denmark proposes to decrease minimum area requirements, state road frontage, county road frontage, setbacks from state and county roads and decrease required setbacks from side and rear lot lines in AR-1, AR-2, RFC-1, RFC-2 and H-1 zones.  The Town is proposing these decreases to make the requirements more uniform in like zones, i.e. AR-1 and AR-2 will be more similar, and RFC-1 and RFC-2 will also be more similar.   


Recommendation: Approve with comments


Comments: When making changes to the zone requirements, the Town of Denmark should consider the original reason for establishing minimum lot requirements in these zones.  Traditionally, zoning map boundaries are designated due to the geographic limitations of the land including types of soils, wetlands, terrain etc. In some of these areas, development may not be possible or prudent on the proposed reduced acreage due to the above factors. 

The Town should consider leaving the minimum lot size requirements, as this is the most important factor in controlling development in sensitive areas.   We recommend that the Town only consider changes in the setback and frontage requirements.

Mr. Wallace agreed that keeping the minimum lot size requirements higher would be a good suggestion due to setback requirements and rights-of-way for state and county highways.  The Board discussed various situations in which a one-acre lot may not be able to meet setback requirements.  


Mr. Wallace made a motion to approve the amendment with comments; Mr. Green seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.






Request for review of proposed text amendments and corresponding zoning map amendment to the Town of Turin Rural Development Law - The Town proposes to add the definition of "Commercial and Processing Use" to the list of definitions in Section 140 of their development law.  The development law contains a table that lists all allowed and disallowed uses in each of their designated districts.  Commercial and Processing Use is listed in this table, however, the definition of the use was not listed in Section 140 Definitions.  The addition of this will correct that oversight.


Additionally, the Town of Turin proposes to change the designation of an area encompassing Burdicks Crossing Road, County Route 36.  The area is currently designated as an "A District". The Town proposes to change the designation of the area falling within 1000 feet from the centerline on each side of the roadway to a "C District". 


Recommendation: Approve


Comment:  The Town of Turin should consider using the word "harvested" rather than "produced" in the definition of "Commercial and Processing Use".



Mr. Green asked if there would be an impact on the Black River by changing the zone designation.  Mrs. Beyer explained that the Town's Zoning Law currently addresses development setbacks from streams, wetlands and lakes.  The current A district and the proposed C district would both need to meet the setback requirements.  


Mr. Lucas made a motion to approve the amendments; Mr. Wallace seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.    



7.         Report of County Planner:  Mrs. Beyer reminded the Board of the Local Government Conference in Watertown at JCC on March 29th.    


8.         Unfinished Business:  none


9.         New Business:  none



10.     Adjournment:  There being no other business, a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mr. Green and seconded by Mr. Lucas.  Vice Chairman Sweet adjourned the meeting at 6:45 PM.

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