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EISEP: This is the Expanded In-home Services Program. This program enables seniors to remain independent in their local community through assistance such as Case Management, Personal Care and Housekeeping/Chore services, and personal emergency response system.  Call OFA for more information. 


HEAP: Heating and Energy Assistance Program. Office for the Aging works with DSS in filling HEAP applications for residents in Lewis County. This service is designed to aid low income households to manage their utility bills.


Nutritional Programs: Our office provides approximately 50,000 meals to seniors per year. We provide Congregate and Home Delivered meals. For a listing of Congregate sites or Home Delivered guidelines please contact Tina or Vicki at our office. See the Meal Site Menu page for a calendar of daily meals.


Transportation: OFA currently subcontracts the transportation services to the Volunteer Transportation Center (VTC) in Watertown, NY.  For further information or to register for the program, please call the OFA office at 376-5313 and ask for Sue.  Public Transportation is also available through Lewis County.  For more information on how you can ride the bus, call 376-6508 and/or visit the County website through this link: Lewis County Public Transportation.


Outreach: Our Outreach workers provided over 4,000 hours of outreach last year. Our workers are familiar with our programs and how they may suit your needs.


EPIC: Our Staff is well informed in the latest changes to the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage.


HIICAP: Health Insurance Information Counseling. We offer quite a variety of Insurance counseling. Our staff and volunteers are knowledgeable on various insurance services for seniors of Lewis County.  Counseling is available for programs such as Medigap, Retirements, Medicare, Medicaid, EPIC and Long Term Care insurance.


Legal: We contract legal services for seniors in Lewis County. Our Legal Services are primarily information and advice. We cannot assist seniors with will or contracts


Advisory Council: Lewis County Office for the Aging operates with the advice of an Advisory Council that meets periodically to make suggestions and review activities so that we may serve seniors more effectively and more efficiently.


Caregiver/Respite: The Lewis County Office for the Aging is proud to provide caregiver services to individuals who are taking care of older persons in their homes or older persons who are caregivers for younger children under the age of 18. The Lewis County Office for the Aging can provide information and assistance through a variety of resources.  For information on Alzheimer's


Support Group: A monthly support group is open to all caregivers.  It meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Office for the Aging.




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