Lewis County
Planning Committee Organizational Structure

Planning Committee Organizational Structure


Elected and appointed government officials, business leaders, volunteers of non-profit organizations, citizens, and other stakeholders who choose to participate will become part of our overall Lewis County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee.

To keep meeting sizes to workable numbers, the Planning Committee will be broken up into a Core Planning Group (CPG)

and a series of Jurisdictional Assessment Teams (JATs).


The organization of the hazard mitigation plan participants involves three main components in an inverse

triangle, as shown in the figure below.



Jurisdictional Assessment Teams:





•-          For each participating  




•-          Head member (plus alternate) on Core Planning Group 




URS, as the consultant, is at the bottom, reporting on up to the CPG and through the Lewis County

Department of Fire and Emergency Services.


The CPG includes head members of the participating jurisdictional assessment teams. The CPG will

include representatives of Lewis County and any of the county's jurisdictions who elect to participate

in the process. The CPG will manage the overall plan formulation activities and contribute to the

decision making process. Representatives on the CPG will coordinate the plan efforts by organizing

outreach by means of a team concept through individual Jurisdictional Assessment Teams (JATs) within

each participating jurisdiction.


At the top is the larger Planning Committee that includes the CPG plus public participants and other

stakeholders such as businesses, civic associations, universities, etc.


The JATs  will include representatives from the individual participating jurisdictions. The JATs will

be responsible for local community involvement in the multi-jurisdictional mitigation plan.




























Regardless of team, all jurisdictions must:



  • Attend meetings.
  • Coordinate and facilitate local efforts.
  • Attend meetings.
  • Provide information and feedback.
  • Involve the public and community stakeholders in the planning process.
  • Assess mitigation alternatives.
  • Select a course of action to be followed for their communities.
  • Adopt the plan.
  • Implement the plan and monitor its progress.


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