Lewis County
Lowville/Village Loop

Lewis County Public Transportation

Lowville/Village Loop

Serving the Mobility Needs of our Rural Community


Lewis County provides continuous transportation throughout the Village of Lowville Monday through Friday from 9:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Fixed bus stops include Lowville Heights, Valley View Apartments, Lewis County General Hospital, Wal-Mart, Kinney Drugs, Tops Market, Lewis County Department of Social Services Office, Rural Avenue, downtown Lowville (Lowville Fire Department, Dollar General Store and the Bateman Hotel) and the Lowville Food Pantry.  We can arrange to pick you up somewhere else via our “Route Deviation” option.  Many of our residents use the Lowville Loop for grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments or to do laundry.  The fare for the Lowville Loop is only $1.00 each way. Seniors, Medicaid and the disabled ride for half price.  Lewis County Public Transportation buses are handicapped accessible.


For schedules or information regarding the “Route Deviation” option, please search the County’s website (www.lewiscountyny.org) and click on the Public Transportation tab, or call the Mobility Manager at (315) 376-5919. 


Lewis County is pleased to provide public transportation which links our residents to necessary services that make their life easier and allows them to continue to live independently.  Ride With Us! 

Village Route (Tan): Village of Lowville
Railroad St – Lowville Heights 9:50 AM 10:55 AM 12:35 PM
River St-Valley View 9:55 AM 11:00 AM 12:40 PM
Hospital  10:00 AM 11:05 AM 12:45 PM
Walmart  10:10 AM 11:15 AM 12:55 PM
Kinney's  10:15 AM 11:20 AM 1:00 PM
Tops  10:20 AM 11:25 AM 1:05 PM
DSS  10:25 AM 11:30 AM 1:10 PM
Rural Ave 10:30 AM 11:35 AM 1:15 PM
$ General
10:35 AM 11:40 AM 1:20 PM
The Bateman / Mental Health  10:40 AM 11:45 AM 1:25 PM
Food Pantry  10:45 AM 11:50 AM N/A
Hospital  N/A 11:55 AM 1:30 PM


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