Lewis County
Board of Elections

Lewis County




 Board of Elections


7550 South State St

Lowville, NY 13367

Phone: (315) 376-5329

   Fax: (315) 376-2860 
                Ann Nortz

Republican Commissioner


 Angela Peters







  Voter Registration








Staff Group Picture









Lindsay Burriss

Democratic Commissioner


Nicole Demo







  Absentee Ballot











            We Need You to be an Election Day Inspector!


                                                Get involved and become a proud participant in a process

                                                 that is the foundation of democracy in our country.


If interested, please email ndemo@lewiscountyny.org OR apeters@lewiscountyny.org for further details.












 2015 Offices to be Filled







2015 Election Results


Village of Lowville, March 18th 2015

Election Results 


  Primary Election - Thursday September 10th 2015 



General Election - Tuesday November 3rd 2015







Lewis County Maps

Lewis Co NY


Legislative Districts


  Election Districts











 Unsure of what Political Party you are enrolled in?

Check Here!



  For a list of the Polling Places in Lewis County:

Click Here!











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