Lewis County

Fire Fighting



Sheriff Carpinelli - E911 Director



Outer Stowe Street

Lowville, NY 13367


For 911 addresses and information please contact:

E911 Address Maintenance Office

Linda D. Hoskins, Director of Real Property Tax



7660 N. State Street

Lowville, NY 13367 


Assigns all addresses for property within Lewis County.


Maintains all telephone number lists of residents within Lewis County. If you change numbers please call 315-376-3511 to report.
Maintains official roads map for Lewis County. Map includes all roads and trails including address ranges between intersections.

Maintains a list of emergency service agencies responsible for each address within Lewis County.

Maintains a book of all dispatch protocols based on emergency type and address of the emergency.

Maintains all equipment associated with call taking and dispatch.

911 dial capability is now available in Lewis County. Please limit your use of 911 to true emergencies. It is very important that you mark your home or business with the correct address. Call 376-5294 if you need your address, or wish to add information to your listing.
Hours of Operation:

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (315)376-3511
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