Lewis County

Veterans Service Agency

    Stephen A. Kilionski, Director

Lewis County Court House
Lowville, NY 13367
315-376-5316 and 377-2065

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lewis County Veterans Service Agency (LCVSA) is to provide entitlement information and advocacy assistance to military personnel, military Veterans and their dependents in matters relating to Veterans' law.


County Veterans' Service Officers within the LCVSA may be recognized, under Federal law, by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide legal representation for individuals in matters relating to VA law. That Asserted Representation establishes a "client-attorney relationship "with the same implied obligations as any attorney. By virtue of accreditation, the County Veterans' Service Officer has access to a nationwide network of Accredited Representatives who are able to provide expanded assistance, including before the Board of Veterans' Appeals in Washington, D.C.


The LCVSA is committed to providing the highest level of service within the limits of available resources. To maintain that commitment, expertise must be enhanced through continuous training and retraining. Skilled counseling and claims development is fully realized only by that commitment to the continuing education of Service Officers. Personal integrity and perseverance are hallmarks of successful Service Officers.


The LCVSA provides an unsurpassed personalized service to Veterans and their dependents. There is no comparable advocacy service for that special group of New York citizens. All services are provided without charge and strictly controlled confidentiality is maintained under penalty of law. Service Officers are required to be knowledgeable in federal, state and local laws pertaining to Veterans.

Assistance in the following areas is provided to thousands of Veterans, military personnel and their dependents within Lewis County each year:

  • VA Compensation For Service-Connected Disabilities
  • VA Pension For Non-Service-Connected Disabilities
  • VA Compensation/Pension To Family Members Of Deceased Veterans
  • VA Burial Benefits, Grave Markers, U.S. Flag And Presidential Memorial Certificate
  • VA Life Insurance
  • VA Health Care
  • VA Education And Vocational Rehabilitation
  • VA Home Loan Guaranties
  • VA, State & Local Employment And Reemployment
  • Military Records
  • Federal, State & Local Medals Or Awards
  • Local Real Property Tax Exemption
  • NYS Blind Annuity
  • Other Federal, State And Local Benefits

Some additional services unique to the needs of Veterans, military personnel and their dependents within Lewis County:

  • Transportation Service To VA Medical Centers (DAV Van)
  • In-Home Visits To Assist The Housebound With Claims For Entitlements
  • Information On Community Service Organizations
  • Assistance In Obtaining Legal Documents (Marriage, Birth, Military, Etc.)
  • Recording Military Reports of Separation (In Cooperation With The Office Of The County Clerk)
  • Cooperative Programs With Other Agencies (Employment, Social Services, Etc.)
  • Assistance With Community Affairs (Memorial Services, Job Fairs, Etc.)

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